Registration Form 2020


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Terms and Conditions



A registration form must be completed for each child wishing to join the school and must be signed by a parent/guardian.


Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term. A surcharge of 10% will be added to bills for late payment.


Refunds for classes will not be given once a term has started. If a class has been cancelled by a teacher due to illness this class will be made up to the pupil the next term, alternatively, it will be credited on the next terms invoice. For pupils refunds will not be given for missed classes, for any reason; neither can classes be carried over to the next term.


To cancel registration with the school the following applies:

  • Parent/ guardian must give half a terms notice in writing (5 weeks before the end of term) informing the principal that their child will not be returning the following term.
  • Notice will not be accepted through a third party or via another teacher; it must be given/sent to the principal, in writing.
  • Failure to provide half terms notice in writing, will result in half a terms fees being charged for each subject the pupil would attend.


Parents/guardians are invited to watch classes on allocated days only. When starting at the VSD In the case of young children, one parent /guardian may accompany the child until completely settled.


A deposit the term before the exam session is to be paid and is non refundable if you then decide not to allow your child to take the exam. This will help to cover charges made to the school by the ISTD for cancellation fees. Otherwise, it will be used as part payment towards the child’s exam fees.

Relevant examination fees are invoiced separately, and must be settled before the deadline date given. Extra coaching classes for examinations are compulsory, usually for five or six weeks before the exam day. You are requested to be flexible at coaching times, as these classes are not taken on your child’s usual dancing day.


The dance school has a uniform, which must be worn in all classes. It is sold through the school. Girl’s hair must be worn in a classical bun with a uniform hair band, and short hair must be worn with a uniform hair band. No jewellery is to be worn in class.


Any inhalers or other medication needed during class time must be named and given to the teacher in charge at the start of the class.


Please try to be as prompt as possible collecting your child. If you are not there at the end of class your child will wait in the hall with the teacher in charge until you arrive. If you are delayed, you must call the dance mobile and inform us as soon as possible.