Dear Parents,

It’s lovely to see you back this term and welcome to our new families!


SHOW 2020           ‘One Night Only’

Please check the website regularly as there is an EVENT area and we will putting be information on it weekly. Dates and all show letters are on the website. Rehearsals have started during class time, so regular attendance will be greatly appreciated for the rest of his term. It is very difficult to finish dances with not all class members there each week.


Unless you have told me otherwise, I have presumed that your child is taking part in the SHOW! We have already started ordering costumes. if your child is not taking part, you will receive a costume bill, as we should have been informed by now. Costumes will be given out before the end of this term and must be paid for first. There will be a notification of which costumes will be ready to collect on the EVENTS section of the website each week.


It gets very hectic for Harriet and me when I start to send out your costume bills, next week. As soon as you get your invoice and it is usually given to you a dance at a time could you please settle it straight away and put your payment in an envelope marked on the front with your child’s name but most importantly with the invoice number on the front. Harriet and I will have envelopes with us in case you forget yours! Costumes can be paid for in cash, cheque or by BACs to the Show account. Please keep Show costume payments separate from fees and uniform payments.  PLEASE DO NOT use the usual account details. I have a different account number for SHOW PAYMENTS. Details are below. If paying for a costume via BACS then you must put the number of the invoice on and the name of your child. THANK YOU

JJ Gregory

Acc No: 47825293

Sort Code: 09 01 27

Your Ref: Please use your child’s name + SHOW invoice number

This year I asked you to download your own deposit/consent form as this would save on ink and paper, to try and keep Show expenses to a minimum.  We have had nearly all our deposits but only half the deposit/consent forms back. As this is delaying our behind the scenes organising, we will now give your child a form to please be filled in and returned ASAP. This form is also used for your child’s correct name spelling on the programme. Thank you.


After the success of our previous “SPECTACULAR OPENINGS,” we will of course be doing another one this year! I don’t think we could not do a big opening number anymore! Everyone is welcome from Reception upwards. Rehearsals start for this on 9th November and start at the end of our day 5 – 6pm. They will run for 7 weeks. Please return your “OPENING” form as soon as possible. Thank you.


Please start to send in raffle prizes now, if you kindly offered to donate one. They are displayed beautifully and this takes quite a lot of time.

If you have not offered any help in any area of our Show, then a raffle prize would be gratefully received.


We have had only 10 offers of help for this area, and it will not be possible to go forward with the Show without more help. We need at least 15 parents for each performance just for the dressing rooms. Although very hectic, I am told by so many of you that it is a very rewarding part of the SHOW to be involved in.

Please be aware that if you have offered help anywhere backstage you will be unable to help front of house, unless you are happy to help front of house for the performance you will be watching.


Tickets for One Night Only will go on sale from the beginning of December.


Just to remind to you, attendance at the Run Through on Saturday 18th and the Dress Rehearsal on Sunday 19th January are not optional. If your child misses either of these days, I am afraid that they will not be able to take part in the Show. Our Risk Assessment promises that every child has had sufficient rehearsal in the venue.

All children under the age of 16 have to have to be licensed to perform by the local council. Our VSD children need an exemption form as they do not perform in other Shows or earn money performing. There will be an Exemption Form for Performance Licence on the website under EVENTS for you to print off fill in and return to us before the end of this term. VSD Performance Licence.

Thank you.

Your children are an absolute delight for us to work with.


Subscribing For Newsletters

We will now be sending all newsletters and SHOW Information letters via email. To receive them please subscribe to our mailing list- we will no longer be giving out paper copies of newsletterS. There is a link at the bottom of our websites main page, look for ‘Newsletter Sign Up’.


Jacqueline & the VSD Team