1. A parent or guardian must be present in the home whilst a class is in progress for pupils under the age of 16. We understand that parents for our younger children may need to be very close by to assist with the logging in and muting etc.


  1. Written consent by e-mail to jacqueline@villageschoolofdance.co.uk – or text the Dance Mobile 07308 193 193 must be received at least a day before your child’s first Zoom class to allow access to the VSD Zoom Community. There is no consent form to fill in we just need your written consent.


  1. There must be no distractions during the class e.g. Pets in the room, siblings joining in, televisions or radios on etc.


  1. Any online class supplied can only be accessed by pupils who are signed up. The register will be taken at the beginning of each class as usual.


  1. During classes all pupils must be visible and place themselves on MUTE unless notified by the teacher. We will explain to the children at the start of the first class that during these classes if they want to ask a question we will need them to give us signal unlike our usual classes. We understand that for our Tiny Tots parents will need to be very close by or even join in.


  1. We appreciate Tap shoes may damage some floors, therefore we are very happy for bare feet or trainers to be worn during Tap classes.


  1. Whilst we appreciate it is difficult to replicate a dance studio in the home it will be necessary for pupils to work with adequate space and on a suitable surface. Create a safe environment by removing any objects that might cause injury. All pupils will need a mat or towel to lie on and please supply them with a bottle of water. Normal dance etiquette and discipline will be expected.VSD uniform should be worn for all classes with hair tied up.


  1. Parents are to approve the room that pupils will take classes in.


  1. Classes from our end will be taken in a quiet room with the best possible internet connection.


  1. Classes will be taken either by Miss Jacqueline or Miss Meg.



Principal: Jacqueline Gregory

Correspondence Address: 113 St Stephens Rd, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 2BL

Studio: WERFA Pavilion, Woodlands Gardens, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6LW

www.villageschoolofdance.co.uk – Dance mobile 07308 193 193