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  • Our Fundraising 72% 72%

We are fundraising to raise money to pay for more show lighting and so far we have raised £1075.93 towards our goal of £1500

Our cake bake on Saturday 30th March raised £92

Our cake bake on Saturday 1st December raised £70, and the one on 20th October raised £71.00

We are already underway with £150 from the Show Raffle.

We raised £63.00 at our Halloween bake sale on Saturday. Thank you for your delicious bakes and buying them

At Saturdays’ End of term Watching, we raised £78.80 in the Danceathon and £78.80 in the Bake Sale. The same amount in both!!! Well done Dancers and Parents thank you for your delicious baking and supporting another Bake sale.

We raised £81.00 at our bake sale on Saturday. Thank you for your support and especially Talitha and Olivia.

Thank you to all those who supported our fun Moana film evening on Saturday 17th June – we raised £113.00 Special thanks to Miss Harriet and Keith. Our next Bake sale is Saturday 15th July!!

We raised £70.00 at Saturday’s Bake Sale. Thank you once again for your support in raising money for extra SHOW lighting next year. BIG thanks to Olivia & Talitha once again for their amazing Bake and raffle selling enthusiasm.

We raised an amazing £75.33 at our Halloween Bake Sale. Thank you to Olivia, Talitha, Martha & Imogen for their wonderful enthusiasm running the Bake Sale stall and for all your support.

The Lucas Family have moved to Peru and gave VSD £33.00 to add to our fundraising funds. We will miss you Abigail.

We raised an amazing amount at our Easter Bake sale on Saturday £100.00 Thank you all for your support and a big thank you to our wonderful seniors- Martha, Megan, Olivia & Talitha who got out of bed early to run the bake sale.