Village School of Dance




  1. Please arrive in dance uniform. Each pupil will be allocated a clean and sanitized chair to put their coat, labelled water and dance bag on. Dance shoes will be put on there.
  2. Only pupils taking classes will be allowed into the building, all parents and guardians MUST drop off and collect from a designated point.

Week day classes will use the main front door for entering and exiting classes. Only seniors are to use the changing room.

Saturday classes are to arrive at the double doors accessed from the field via in-between the WERFA and the garage and will be ready for collection at the end of the class at the main front door.

  1. Please use the anti-bacterial hand sanitizers provided on arrival or bring your own and this must be named.
  2. Please talk to your child about keeping their distance from their dancing friends and not to hug them.
  3. Please have tissues in your dance bag and use to capture a sneeze or cough or use the crook of your arm.
  4. If your child has a temperature, does not feel well or has any symptoms, please inform us and DO NOT bring them to dancing. If someone in your household develops COVID-19 please contact the VSD as soon as possible.




  1. All surfaces in the studio, reception area and changing room will be regularly wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes – door handles, ballet barres, chairs used by pupils for coats etc, music equipment, sinks and washroom surfaces.
  2. The studio floor will be cleaned with anti-bacterial floor wipes at the start and end of each dance session.
  3. Pupils will be kept in their class bubbles once in the building and in the reception area where they will be taken to the front door by a member of staff as parents or guardians arrive to collect.
  4. A COVID-19 Risk Assessment Form will be actioned, checked and signed by a member of staff each time the VSD is at the Werfa.
  5. Signage with information and general reminders about cleanliness will be placed around the studio, reception area and wash rooms.
  6. No parents will be allowed into the building –even to use the washroom and the kitchen will not be available for pupils to get water from.