Our Classes

The Village School of Dance offers a wide range of classes, from beginner to experienced, young and old.


We study the I.S.T.D (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) syllabus from Pre-Primary up to Advance 1. We regularly enter students from the age of 5 for ISTD Ballet Exams, and we have achieved excellent results. Ballet gives the child a chance to develop self confidence and express themselves through movement, also giving them a grounding in discipline and good posture which should carry them through into adult life. Ballet is fun and rewarding at any age, and at the same time, you make lots of new friends. Ballet is the stepping stone to all other aspects of dance and if able, the student should try and have Ballet as one of his/her disciplines.

Adult Ballet

Ballet can enhance your life in many ways. It is an excellent work out that tones, strengthens and stretches the body, and improves posture,flexibility and core strength. It stimulates the mind and allows you to explore artistically. Our adult Ballet classes are sociable and fun.


We follow the I.S.T.D syllabus from Primary up to Advance 1. This is a great way for the student to express themselves through noise. The students will learn how to make lots of different rhythms by using just their feet and will develop them into dance moves. A lot of free work is done in these classes allowing the child to explore rhythm and different tempos. Great fun, challenging and very energetic. We regularly enter children from the age of 6 for ISTD Tap exams and achieve excellent results.

Adult Tap

Fat burning, energetic, and fun.

Adult Tap classes are for beginners and the experienced Tapper. This class is fantastic exercise for aerobic fitness and great fun. Come and try it!

Jazz – Junior & Senior

This is a fun energetic class that involves a lot of stretching which will help to build strength and flexibility. Pupils learn Jazz techniques, kicks, leaps, pirouettes and the opportunity to learn fun, dynamic routines. We offer Jazz classes from the ages of 5 upwards.

Street Dance 

Street Dance is a genre that covers a wide range of dance styles, including hip hop, popping, locking, waacking, vogueing, commercial, break dancing, house dance, freestyle & social grooves. We offer children & adults the opportunity to partake in examinations where they can gain medals and progress through the various levels, building up to a professional standard.

Adult Fitness – Men & Women

Body Shape & Tone

An enjoyable fitness class for both Men and Women. It really does tone and shape the parts of the body we don’t like! It defines and strengthens the upper body. Mats are provided. This is a tough class (but you work at your own pace) taught in a relaxed atmosphere. Optional use of hand weights and soft balls.

Mondays 7.45 – 8.45pm, £6.00 per class.